Some off-the-wall thinking led to some on-the-wall metal art.

Posted on June 26 2018

We work for Jasmine Holdings, a well-established group, based in Aberdeen, Scotland. We offer a mix of services including creative design, PR, marketing digital media, printing and document management solutions.

We love our work and love to resolve the communication challenges facing our clients. It’s a busy, hard working environment where the printing presses hardly stop, serving more than 3,500 customers across many sectors. But there’s still time for fun and what many of us here at Jasmine have in common is a love of sport, music, film and television.

And this is where the idea for Metal Gallery took hold. It started with a few designs, a few conversations with football clubs and its grown to become a unique range of metal wall art products.

Combining the talents of our design team with precision metal cutting and precision printing has been quite a journey and it took many months to perfect the process. It has been hugely enjoyable working with such a diverse range of skills and we are delighted with the results.

Metal wall art already exists but the fact that we have no boundaries on the shape of each design and that we can cut out pieces of metal from the image, combined with the pin-point accuracy of printing, creates a finished design that really stands out and is a bit different to traditional framed prints.

Licensed Wall Art

Everything we produce under Metal Gallery is under licence. To date, we have licences with Manchester City, West Ham United, Aberdeen and Hearts with more clubs about to come on board. In addition, we have a licensing agreement with NatWest Six Nations for rugby union buffs.

But we haven’t stopped there. We are about to embark on an exclusive licensing agreement with HBO to promote its globally acclaimed, epic fantasy drama, Game of Thrones. Watch this space or better still sign up to our newsletter for a sneak preview of the first designs.

And our first venture into the world of music has led to an exclusive agreement with The David Bowie Estate to produce several iconic metal wall art images of the legendary pop artist.

Limited Edition

Many of our pieces are limited edition and this is something that we decided to do at the outset of Metal Gallery. We wanted to create something of real value for fans, so that they own something that not everyone would have. All our limited-edition prints are individually numbered, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

We have of course other quirkier designs that are not limited edition. These are designed to adorn a bedroom wall, a man-cave, games room or a commercial venue not shy in showing allegiance to its team. All metal wall art prints are supplied with spacer pins to hold the image away from the wall to maximise the effect of the design.

Such has been the interest in Metal Gallery that we have had requests to create personal items for anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions which we are happy to do as long as works of copyright are not compromised.

Metal wall art. Now that’s a bit different.

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